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Time For Profit System

This is an excellent method for banking some steady gains from strong favourites without the major swings between profit and loss. It’s all about the time we enter and exit the markets and with this one win or lose the bet is over by Half Time.

So let’s move onto the rules.

 1). Head over to Betfair’s in-play coupon any time you wish to use Time for Profit.

2). We then look for Home or Away teams priced between 1.45 – 1.60 and where the match is still 0-0 after 10-15 minutes have elapsed. (A few pips either side can be allowed e.g. 1.43 or 1.62).

3). No Women or Friendly matches allowed! All others are fine.

 4). Once we have found a match with the above price frame as above, we then have to place TWO separate bets in two different markets.


Is a WIN bet in the Match Odds market…


Is also a WIN bet in the Correct Score market where we look to BACK 1-1 for around 18-20% of our backing stake that I will outline next.


5). So if you plan to place a £100 on backing the favourite then I would back the 1-1 in the correct score market so it covers around £150. In the above case it took me £15 to cover 150% of my stake at 10.5.

PLEASE NOTE: The draw odds should be a minimum of 8.0.

6). We then observe the rest of the first half and below are the instructions for each of the outcomes that can happen and what to do next.


A). Favourite scores FIRST.

Action!Trade Out of MATCH ODDS market FIRST and then Trade Out of the CORRECT SCORE market second as below.

So we Trade Out of the Match Odds market below for a profit of £28.20 on all outcomes…

Next we Trade Out (Cashed-out) of the Correct Score market on the 1-1.

Overall after deducting the slight loss from the correct score market of £5.04 minus the profit from the Match odds market of £28.20 we are left with £23.17 profit, or just over 23% which is very healthy indeed.

B). Score remains 0-0 by Half Time.

Action!Trade Out of MATCH ODDS market FIRST and then Trade Out of the CORRECT SCORE market second as below.

…And a slight loss in the Correct Score Market of £1.64 below.

Overall we have a slight loss of; £1.64 +£5.23 = £6.87

C). Underdog scores FIRST: 

Action!Trade Out of MATCH ODDS market FIRST and then Trade Out of the CORRECT SCORE market second as below.

As you can see below the favourites are expected to equalise and hence why we can cash-out of the Correct Score market for a profit on the 1-1.

 Overall we have a loss of; £24.29 – £6.29 = -£18.00 if the underdog scores first. Loss = 26% on £50 stakes (£18.00).

Put simply, on all the possible three outcomes above we simply TRADE OUT of both markets no matter what happens.

So when you place your two bets between 10-15 minutes into the match you place your Correct Score cover bet FIRST.

However when you come to Cash-Out you Cash-Out of the Match Odds market FIRST and then the Correct Score market.

Staking and Betting Bank…

I use level stakes with this unless the favourites fail to score and lead by Half Time in THREE consecutive match qualifiers. Meaning if it’s still 0-0 by Half Time. Then I would up my stake by 50% for the next 3 qualifiers.

For example; let’s say I start by backing the strong favourites for £100 stakes and around £18-£20 on the 1-1.

If I don’t get a favourite team winning by half time (so I can trade out for a nice profit), I will continue to place the same on the next qualifier.

If no joy on the second attempt, I will place same one more time on the favourite. If again no joy on the third attempt I would increase my base stake by 50%, so my fourth bet would be £150 on the favourite. Not forgetting I would have to increase my cover stake on the 1-1 as well.

I would stick with this new £150 stake for another two qualifiers and if no win I would return to my base stake of £100. In short, you will have six attempts for a favourite to score first.

If the underdogs score first and we trade out of both markets we will make a profit in the correct score market as the favourites are expected to equalise and that will help reduce the losses from the match odds market on the favourite. If this happens I would stay on the same stake for my next bet whether I am currently on my £100 base stake or on my increased £150 stake.

Put simply we only ever return to base stake after we make a profit overall on any match, but only up to a stop loss of six qualifying matches as outlined above.

Starting bank for this is 30pts.

Added Filter…

Now this is where this strategy can get interesting when you add this filter.

What we are looking for are teams that have a habit of scoring in the first half and have a percentage of 50% or higher to be leading at Half Time.

This is another of my ‘golden filters’ where I only play matches that have at least this percentage above (as a minimum) and will swing this strategy well into profit if followed.

Here’s what I mean below;

As per the main rules we look for strong favourites within the price band I outline above.

Next we use sites like the one below that can help enormously in finding that all important golden filter.

Got to:

Next, go to the country and League the home team is playing in from your proposed match. For this example we will use Liverpool from the UK’s premiership.


Then once the stats for the chosen team appear you then scroll down until you see a section on ‘Half Time statistics’ as below.

You can do this for any league, but always check these tables regularly for the most up to date stats.


Time for profit has many advantages for making nice frequent gains due to it been centered around strong pre match favourites that edge out in price slightly after 10/15 minutes have elapsed and when we enter the markets.

As we are backing these favourites there is no shortage of liquidity on the exchanges given it’s not used on the more obscure Leagues.

It’s only the 0-0 that can go against us whereas the other outcomes can make us a profit or sometimes a reduced loss if the underdog scores first.

On many occasions we can even break even if the underdog scores first as we have covered the 1-1 for our full match odds stake and when the favourites go behind they are normally expected to get a goal back. Thus the odds for 1-1 will reduce and can give us enough green to cash out and cover the losses incurred from the match odds market.

Try this to small stakes first and don’t worry as your full stake is never at risk so long as you follow the rules and Trade Out by Half Time as indicated above.

Total Starting Bank Pool: 30 points

Portfolio Risk Rating: Low