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The Bullion Golf Method


Here’s a neat long term way I was shown for making some nice profit on the final day of golf tournaments given certain conditions.

I have to admit it was  brought to my attention by a very good friend of mine (who is now a professional poker player and regularly appears on TV).

Anyway he parted with his angle as a thanks for me showing him my excellent Risk Free place stratergy for Horse racing that is in Profit Plan 6 of Quick-Fire, sort of an ‘exhange of ideas’ to help beat the old enemy.

So without further ado here it is;


1). Fire over to Betfair’s exchange portal and click on Golf

2). Next, we look at those Tournaments that are going into the final day (usually on Sunday) and we check the latest prices.

Please Note: Most PGA and other golf tournaments for that matter start on Thursday or Friday and end on a Sunday, so an ideal time to look is Saturday night GMT. You can check this site if you’re not sure:


3). Next we look to oppose the Favourite or joint Favourites and back each-way the NEXT ‘3’ in the betting. So much the better if the next 3 in the betting are also clear of the rest of the players on the final day. Around 10 betting points clear is a good marker.

I’ve found one here when looking on Saturday evening before the final round on Sunday.

Above we have two short priced players who are AT LEAST 10 BETTING POINTS CLEAR of the other players. So the formula is to BACK the next three in the betting as shown.

These three don’t necessarily have to be well clear in price of the rest of the players but it helps if they are, as the bigger the price gap the better the win rate. You can see Tyler Duncan is 15pts clear of Jordan Spieth in fifth place so that’s a good sign for our bets.

You could also have one clear Favourite going into the last round in which case you would again ensure he is AT LEAST 10 betting points clear of the other players in the match and then back the next 3 in the betting. Just ensure the Favourite is no lower in price than 2.0 (Evens).

4). We now move onto the staking where we will be backing the next ‘3’ outside of the favourite/s each-way as shown above.

Now for the each-way part…

First make sure you click on the TOP 5 finish tab like so…

Next place your bets…

Please Note: I would only back the place in the TOP 5 finish market if the player/s are at 2.0 or above. If they are priced below that then just place the win part of the bet. In the above example all three are above 2.0.


We managed a 3rd spot so only a small loss and very little damage done.

Also had great fun watching the final day to boot with its up and downs!

Trading Out…

You can trade out or cash out if a nice profit is reached during the final day but I prefer to let them run especially if the players I’ve backed have the momentum.

Some would say why not just lay the leading player for the same aggregate to back 3 each-way? Well because on many occasions when I’ve got the winner I’ve often also got a 2nd and 3rd place with the other 2 bets so also collected on the place side with the Final day’s leader sometimes slipping down the leader board.


An excellent strategy for Golf bettors and especially for those who want a quick-fire entry into the market without any heavy form study.

The theory behind the Bullion method as mentioned early is all down to ‘mental toughness’. To be ahead and stay ahead going into the final day will test the mental strength of any golfer. It’s also open to other variables such as weather changes and also players behind who start to get momentum early on in the final day and start to breathe down the neck of the leader/s.

Give it a go and see how it fits in to your overall portfolio as it only requires you to look one day per week (normally on a Saturday).