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The 10 Min Profit Hunter

Welcome to the 10 Minute Profit Hunter, so called because we are on the profit hunt at around the 80th minute onwards in certain matches that fit with our selection criteria.

I’ve found a path to profit that after much research delivers a pattern of wins that repeats itself enough to be viable to make a long term profit – if the rules are followed to the letter.

Let’s now move onto the rules;


1). Head over to Betfair’s in Play Exchange coupon and click on ‘Football’ from the home page as shown below.

2). Look for matches that around the 75th minute are either 1-1 or 2-2. If there are more than one at your time of viewing then ensure you choose the one with the highest liquidity as shown below.

3). Next click on the match and that will bring you to the match odds market as below.

4). Ensure that the match has not had a goal in the LAST 15 MINUTES of play. The information can be obtained by clicking on the ‘Live Stream’ above the top of each match in the Match Odds market as indicated below.

You will then see the following pop up box.

5). All the above should take about 3 – 5 mins to go through hence why I said check these games around the 75th minute mark in readiness for entry into the market on the 80/81st minute mark.

6). Once all the above rules have been met we then nip over to the Over/Under’s market. They are located in the left hand menu along with all the markets for the match.

So if the match is currently 1-1 we nip over to the Over 2.5 Goals market, and if 2-2 then we go to the Over 4.5 Goals market.

7). Next on the 80/81st minute we BACK the OVER’S (meaning we are betting there will be another goal). DON’T TAKE LESS THAN 2.40 when placing your back bet on the Over 2.5 Goals outcome unless you are entering a match with a Red card to either side. In which case I may go in as low as 2.20 at the 81st minute as there is more chance of another goal being scored. See below;


Now we will move onto staking.


With average odds around the 2.90 mark this makes it ideal to apply the trusted and reliable ‘15’ step extended Fibonacci that never lets me down with strategies of this nature. In other words, ones that fit within the win/lose pattern, average odds and strike rate.

So here is the best fit staking wise for this method…

Added Filter…

Click on live stream when the time in the match reaches the 75th minute mark and then hit the last 15 minutes tab and ensure there has been at least ‘2’ Shots on Target. We need to get an indication that both teams are pushing for a winner. Put simply, the more shots on target the better, and the better the win strike rate but naturally there will be less selections.


The 10 Minute Profit Hunter is ideal for those who don’t want to spend all day market watching and yet still want to make some profit. So you can literally dip in and out using this without any major inconvenience to your everyday chores. Just choose your times and stick to the rules.
So give it a try and remember to keep notes so you can keep an eye on your progress and more importantly know when to increase your unit stakes and compound.

Total Starting Bank Pool: 160 points

Total Starting Bank Pool (with added filter): 100 points

Portfolio Risk Rating: Medium