I want to send you something I’ve never offered before.

I believe it could help you make a significant TAX-FREE income from sports betting…

All without sacrificing much of your time each day.

It’s a FREE investment kit of 10 proven systems that I use myself, and which I coach to other people in my private circle.

They include:

  • A £70 – £100 per month football method where you bet on FAVOURITES!
  • £150 – £200 per month all-weather racing strategy – if you don’t win at the first attempt, it doesn’t matter, because you’re insured!
  • A clever technique where you do the OPPOSITE of what the experts say to earn £100+ a month

You could get them set up within 24 hours of reading this invitation…

And make your first profits by the end of this week.

That’s how quick and easy this is!

No betting skills needed – just follow my steps

They don’t require any expertise from you whatsoever.

There’s no need to understand ‘form’ or work out mathematical probabilities.

No spending hours on research or pouring through stats.

Most of them just require you to check a few details, tick a few boxes, then make the bet.

You can try as many as you have time for – they might not all suit you.

But based on their recent performances, using just FIVE of these systems combined could earn you an average of £560-£710 per month.

And it would take you no more than 30 minutes a day to run them.

As a result, you could make the kind of extra income to make a real difference to your life.

Maybe you’re looking for a way to pay off some bills and debts… or maybe you want to save up for an early retirement, a new house or holiday.

This is what’s possible if you approach sports betting in the right way.

And that’s exactly what I want to prove to you today…

Why I’m Giving Away 10
Betting Systems for FREE

My name is Andrew David. I’m from the Midlands but I live in an Irish fishing village with my wife and two kids.

I can live in this beautiful location because I don’t need to go to work in a regular job.

For over 20-years I’ve made far more money from the UK betting industry than most people do in their dull 9-5 jobs…

I do it by turning the bookies’ sneaky pricing tricks against them… plundering their websites to find low risk bets… trading those bets against each other on exchanges where the bookmaker doesn’t call the shots.

I’ve also built a reputation from helping people earn an income using the same low-risk strategies that make me money.

For instance, you might have heard of some of my successful systems…

There’s Little Acorns, which won five Betting Oscars for “best horse racing system”. Or there’s the Legacy & Saver, Football Bankbuilder and PEM (Price Equalisation Method).

These methods have great feedback because I take a realistic approach to betting. I don’t make ridiculous promises or cherry-pick results.

But today I want to take an unusual step…

For the first time ever, I’m going to hand over 9 of my low-risk horse racing systems and sports betting strategies for FREE.

They’ve all been tried and tested by my inner circle of bettors, none of whom are professionals – and who have had some brilliant results.

As you can see from the real results in these testimonials…

“I can easily clear £100 a week with £5 stakes!”

– Martin F

It includes:

The Anti-Expert Profit System

Act in direct opposition to the experts’ tips to make an average of 8pts – 12pts per month (£80 -£120) using £10 unit stakes.

Hi Andrew, I’m loving this one… Very simple and very profitable following this path, I can easily clear £100 a week with £5 stakes! Good work kidder!

– Martin F.

The 10 min Profit Hunter

This system is based on matches where there are over 2.5 goals. It makes an average 12-15pts per month profit (£120 – £150 per month at £10 units).

“Decided to give it a go and after 30 days it really looks the business. €430 in last fortnight alone with 20 euro bets – nice work and keep it up!”

– Matthew

The Time For Profit System

A half-time football strategy with simple filters and insurance against losses.  It makes an average of 7 – 10 points (£70 – £100) profit per month using one match per day and £10 unit stakes.

 “I do like your added filters for this as they have really tipped the scale for me. I’ve been looking for years and it seems you have cracked it where losses are small when they occur which keeps my bank protected.”


All Weather Profits

This simple live horse racing strategy makes an average of 15-20pts (£150 – £200 a month) from £10 unit stakes.

 This is one of the easiest in-play systems I have used so far and glad to say I am skimming nice profits overall at the end of each week. Sometimes £6 profit per race and sometime double that!”

– Richard

3-2-1 Horse Racing System

You can use this coverage staking method to nail the winner more often than not! Used once a day it could make up to 14 points per month (£140 at £10 units)

“Hi Andrew, my grandad used something like this in the seventies and boy did it work, haven’t seen anything the same for years! Good profits as well as we cover the likely winners.”

These FIVE systems alone could make you
£560-£710 per month

You could have them set up in 24 hours after responding to this invitation – and start earning from them this week.

I’ll show you the steps you need to take, and even give you a video coaching session in each one to show you how it’s done.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned bettor or a complete novice.

You don’t need any experience or skills.

You won’t need to sacrifice much of your time.

And you don’t need to take any big risks with your money.

Each of my methods is low-risk and aims to push the odds in your favour over the long run, giving you regular small gains that gradually build up your bank.

But some of the strategies in my starter kit could also potentially win you big lump sums every now and then….

“Your Little Bonus Paid out a Nice £6,910”

For instance, in your FREE starter kit you’ll also get:

A Nice Little Earner

This started as a Bonus system that I used for a bit of fun on a Saturday, using the popular Lucky 15 bet to land great odds wins. But it quickly turned out to be very profitable. One of my clients tried it and made just under SEVEN THOUSAND POUNDS!

“Hi Andrew, I thought it would be good to let you see this screen clip of my William Hill statement from yesterday, as you can see your little bonus paid out a nice £6,910.50 for a Lucky 15 at £1.50 per line with 3 out of 4 winners!! Nice one Andrew, here’s looking forward to the 4 out of 4. I will buy you a beer if it comes up.”

– Alistair

The Bullion Golf Method

A brilliantly easy way to make money from golf – while you cannot use this one every week, it can generate really good money, with one of my members making £1,470 from £20 stakes! 

Hi Andrew, doing very well with this… Made £1,470 all in all from £20 stakes. Plenty of big price winners incl; 2 x 12/1,  3 x 8/1 and a good few at 5/1! Nice work.”

– Steph

The USA Racing System

This began life during lockdown when there was no UK racing, but it worked so well, I kept it going. You profit by following repeated patterns in USA racing.

I am up £373 with £10 stakes. I never thought there was money to be made in these sort of races unless you were in the know!

– Bill

The Cash Out Repeater

With this system you can double your winnings from late goals, using an angle on the in-play markets. It makes around 10-12pts (£100 – £120 monthly) using £10 unit lays.

“That strategy I like as I can do it anytime from my phone (I’m a taxi driver) and is already showing £50ish profit in a week, and that is with a couple of mistakes my side where I ignored the base rules!!

– Allan

Football Golden Filters

With this system you Lay-The-Draw in football matches using my ‘golden filters’ to gain the overall edge.

“I made on average £40 on every £100 invested so far with the filters you mentioned – great stuff!”

– Stephan F.

And remember, this investment starter kit is yours as a free gift – to keep whatever you decide.

You don’t need to send anything back!

All I ask in return is that you take a risk-free look at my service Quick-Fire Betting Profits.

This is where I take you under my wing, and turn your sports betting income into something truly remarkable.

I’ll build you a professional standard betting portfolio – and help you run it!

If you’ve tried a betting system before, you might have found that it worked OK for a while…

Then it just… trailed… into… losses.

Next thing you know, you’re on the hunt for something new.

That’s what happens when you risk everything on one system.

However, when you combine multiple betting systems, amazing things can happen to your bank balance.

With a ‘portfolio’ approach you’ll off-set any losses from poorly performing strategies with profits from ones that work…

Then you can drop the weaker ones and add some stronger ones.

This is what Quick-Fire Betting Profits can do for you.

If you decide to join today, on a moneyback trial basis, I’ll give you a masterclass in my low-risk betting strategies with online coaching, live webinars and written steps.

Each month I’ll show you how to use two new systems, using videos to coach you in exactly how it’s done.

And each month I’ll also update and adjust all the systems to make sure they’re making money…

You can choose to try as many strategies as you have time for…

Then you can drop those that don’t perform as well, or which don’t suit your working hours and levels of free time – and try others that are more your thing.

This way, I’ll build you a professional-level portfolio, based on your specific lifestyle and financial goals, which you can run easily in your spare time.

The aim is to make you just £10-£15 per day from each strategy.

Think about that… 

£10-£15 a day.

That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

And when combined in a proper sports investment portfolio. you could turn those small returns into £160… £240… £300 or more every week.

For instance, here’s Quick-Fire Betting Profits member, D.M who says…

“Averaging £160 a Week for the
Past Nine Weeks”

That amounts to £1,530 in TAX-FREE income in just over TWO months from just FIVE systems running at the same time.

Not bad for something you can do in 30 minutes a day!

And here’s Quick-Fire Betting Profits member, Anthony B, who says:

“4th Month of Profits”

That’s a total of £2,847 TAX-FREE in less than four months using just FOUR of my low risk betting systems.

That’s around £240 per week in extra income.

Or here’s Carl, another Quick-Fire member who emailed me with this….

“This has set my Betfair account on Fire!”

As you can see, he made £263 from just ONE system in only a few weeks of football!

And here’s Eric, who writes….

“I am making £1000 a month from the late profit goals blast alone!”

That’s £1K a month from ONE system.

Now imagine having 3 as good as that running together – then you’re looking at £3K a month.

So, you can see the amazing potential of a portfolio approach to betting!

That’s exactly what I want to help you to achieve today.

So are you up for something that’s fun and profitable in your spare time?

Then I’d love you to join me in Quick Fire Profits on a risk-free trial basis.

As soon as I hear from you, I’ll give you instant access to the FREE Starter Investment Kit – that’s yours to use and keep whatever you decide.

Then I’ll give you a risk-free masterclass in low-risk betting, using video tutorials – and start to build you a portfolio of systems fitted around your free time and financial goals.

Each month, I’ll help you swap systems in and out, to keep the profits up and the losses low.

And I’ll be on hand to help you and advise you every step of the way.

But let me make something clear.

This is not about predicting the future, using a crystal ball, getting “Inside information” or any of those tea-leaf-reading strategies peddled by tipsters.

This is about using the bookies’ pricing tricks to find low risk, high value bets, then using that information to trade bets on exchanges where you have the competitive advantage.

For instance, when you join me, you’ll discover…

  • How FREE information provided by Skybet Bookmakers can bag you £100 to £200 profit from Betfair… every month!
  • How to snag an average profit of £3.00 a race using FREE information taken from the ‘At the Races’ website.
  • How to spot unusual betting patterns caused by those who are “up to no good” and then hijack them to make a completely legal profit. With this neat little tactic up your sleeve, the ‘baddies’ can’t hide what they’re doing from you or stop you from riding on their backs.
  • How to cover all but one possible outcome to an event and yet still make good profits.

Because if you want to turn betting into an income, the rule is simple…

Do the opposite to what the bookies want… and behave in the opposite way to most punters

Bookmakers invest a lot of money on ways to attract new punters and take the lion’s share of their cash.

This is why you should be suspicious whenever you’re offered enticing “enhanced Odds or Terms”. For instance…

“Back Tottenham to win 2-0 and Harry Kane to score first and get £200 for a £10 stake!”

Avoid this stuff like the plague.

Your bookie doesn’t offer these prices out of the goodness of their hearts (did I say bookmakers have hearts?) they are simply drawing you in.

Fact is, they’re out for your cash. And they do it well. This is why they make millions in profit every year.

Just ask yourself, when was the last time you met a millionaire punter?

Sure, you might have seen a slick webpage from some suited geezer by a Porsche who CLAIMS to make millions… but it’s almost ALWAYS total nonsense.

Over the years I’ve worked with some of the biggest pro-gamblers in the UK & Ireland. Most of them play with huge amounts of money and like to keep under the radar for obvious reasons.

They’re not shouting out from badly designed websites while fanning wads of cash.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who make money from the betting market.

Some do it quietly, discreetly, and for more modest returns.

If you’re prepared to be realistic, it’s perfectly possible to take money from the bookies on a regular basis.

I know, because this is what I do for a living. I may not be a multi-millionaire, but I get to spend time with my family and friends in a beautiful Irish village, without commuting or being told what to do by my boss.

What’s more I have many Quick-Fire Betting Profits members who earn money too. People like these…

“Bagged well over £1K”

On a winning run of 7 with your Giant Killing theory and bagged well over £1K. My mates think I’m crazy putting some of these bets on but your theory is clearly solid” – Bruce.

“£35-£40 per day”

“Already decided on 3 strategies I’m happy with and using in a portfolio approach and now making around £35-£40 per day” – Tim

“£987 for the month”

“£987 for the month using the Profit Skimmer and Late Profit Goal Blast” – Mark.

“Banked between £150 – £200 a week”

“Great Tennis strategy for making serious low risk gains from my betting bank of £300. Last 6 weeks I banked between £150 – £200 a week from two 3 set matches per day one in afternoon and one evening” – Graham

“Up £732 for the month”

“A slow start for me with the detector system but then went from strength to strength and great to use on turf only racing I found. Up £732 for the month plus 7 free bets from this one alone!” – Andrew B

“£17-£24 every night”

“Couldn’t be more happy with the systems, especially the trade and go ones. Most I use in the evenings so ideal for me on working days. I average £17-£24 every night….” – M.C

“£83 up from 2 matches”

“I had 2 Double Bubble wins last night, with the Late Profit Goal Blast, so £83 up from those 2 matches” – Paul S

“Reaching the £1000 mark”

“Having great fun with this and making some excellent returns for my stakes. Reaching the £1,000 mark now from the successful weekend! – Michael

“Between £50 and £250 every weekend”

“This and the Late Goal Profit Blast have seen me get results of between £50 and £250 every weekend since I started” – Paul R

“£170 on a Bank Holiday Monday”

“Waited an hour on Monday as nothing else to do on bank holiday and grabbed 3 risk free money grabs of a combined total of £170. I then went out that night!” – Tom

“Averaging £70-£80 per day”

“Averaging £70-£80 per day using (or every time I use it) with the Dogs bonus method. That’s using it on morning and afternoon meetings and using only £10 stakes! Great product and service Andrew” – Thomas C

If you’d like to join them, then take up a trial membership of Quick-Fire Betting Profits today….

Get two of my latest strategies every month and build them into a long-term income with my professional guidance.

As soon as you join, I’ll give you 10 systems right up front as a free Kickstarter gift to get you started right away – each one with video instruction to help make it absolutely clear.

But then the REAL action will start.

You’ll get my Masterclass in low-risk betting where I show you how I make my money as a professional bettor – and how you can do the same without any skills or experience.

Then I’ll offer you two low-risk betting strategies every month, along with video training, online webinars and support.

Each strategy is designed to make between £5 – £15 daily from small stakes ranging from £2 – £10. With my guidance you can hand-pick the ones that suit you most in terms of time, appetite for risk and available funds.

You’ll want to run at least 3-5 at any one time. But this will take no more than 30-60 minutes a day.

I’ll help you operate them like an investment portfolio, dropping weaker ones and adding better performers, so that you’re constantly profitable.

And it doesn’t end there…

I’ll also share all kinds of loopholes, tricks and methods that I use, including:

  • Why following ‘steamers’ could damage your wealth.
  • What you need to know before using the ‘Cash-Out’ feature. (Nicely improves your returns!)
  • How to profit from teams which get thrashed. (All you need are the previous week’s results.)
  • How to stake less and win more! (Yes, you read that correctly.)
  • How to detect price erosion and use it to save a bundle.
  • Why you must think carefully before placing Horse Racing bets on Saturdays and Bank Holidays. Read this first!
  • How to profit from bonuses in ways no one else will tell you – more than likely because they don’t know.
  • How to profit from draws and beat the mafia at their own game through Italian Football – and also other leagues worldwide when the opportunity arises (don’t worry, I’ll show you everything you need to know).
  • …plus a great deal more.

Some of these methods do go against the grain and break a lot of the rules you’ll find in most betting manuals…

But they really work, and that’s what I’m all about – finding proven, profitable methods that step outside normal conventional thinking.

It doesn’t matter what skills, education or betting experience you have…

By the end of your first month you’ll have the beginnings of your own betting portfolio fitted to your levels of commitment, free time and appetite for risk.

You could easily be looking at a potential £100-£300 a week income. TAX-FREE

Think about what you could do with that kind of money on top of what you already make!

To make sure this happens I’ll guide you, coach you and support you…

Everything you need to make this work without finger-biting stress and reckless levels of risk.

And to prove my methods, I’ll give you a trial month to test them out.

I’ve built up a reputation for delivering profitable systems, so I’m not in the habit of hoodwinking people.  I don’t expect you to commit to something that doesn’t work for you.

So please try it for the next month and see – you can even follow the systems on paper to remove all the financial risk.

If Quick-Fire Betting Profits doesn’t make you the kind of returns you expect in 30 days, walk away and claim a full refund, no questions asked.

Whatever you decide, The Sports Investment Starter Kit will be yours to keep.

So if you’re interested, please click the link below and reserve a risk-free trial place.

Here’s what you’ll get…

As I’ve said, it’s all yours to look through, and try out, risk-free.


There are limited places on this 30 day ‘money-back’ trial

As you’d expect, if I’m coaching people, supporting them via email and sharing all my trade secrets, then I can’t take unlimited numbers of people.

So I’d urge you to snap this up today and guarantee yourself a place.

This means you genuinely have nothing to lose!

And here’s another good reason to act quickly…

I’m Giving Away a FREE Investment Starter Kit!

The 10 systems I’m offering for free are only going to be available to new members.

As I say, this is something I’ve never done before. It’s a lot to give away for nothing, and I don’t want it to attract tyre-kickers and freebie hunters.

This is why I’m also limiting this offer too.

So if you want it, then I’d urge you to take up your trial as soon as possible.

Enrol on Quick-fire Betting Profits for just £1.00 (+VAT)

You can enrol on Quick-fire Betting Profits for the next 30 days for just £1.00 (+VAT).

If you like what you see, then I’m sure you’ll be more than happy to pay the regular monthly price of £24.95 (+VAT).

Bear in mind that you could make this monthly fee back multiple times over in just ONE bet, like Quick Fire member, Thomas, who writes:

“Had 2 ‘no lose’ place bets using your paddy power and Betfair system and made £113 on one race!”

Even this £1.00 (+VAT) is RISK-FREE. If for any reason you change your mind during the 30 day trial you can cancel and that £1.00 (+VAT) will be returned.

It’ll take a minute to process your details. After which I’ll send you a personal username and password by email. This gives you instant access to the secure membership site where you’ll find the first module of the masterclass, including your first betting strategies.

Every month you’ll get two new methods and systems to try out.

Plus – you get 10 Starter Systems for FREE

Remember, I’m also giving you a set of 10 simple starter systems upfront for FREE with the potential to make you £560-£710 in TAX-FREE income by just using five of them per month.

This is yours to keep, whatever you decide about Quick-fire Betting Profits.

But I’m sure you’ll want to stick with it, because make no mistake; this has the potential to earn you significant money from clever sports investing.

Remember what you’re getting…

So why not take this first step on the road to making your bets pay enough to change your life?

Click now on the enrol button below to access the first Quick-fire Betting systems for £1.00 (+VAT), with a 30 day money-back trial to make sure you’re happy.

See how it all works, put your new knowledge to profitable use, let the results roll in and see the money in your bank account.

If you’re not totally thrilled with the results, then you can walk away. But if I was a betting man – which I am – then I’d be confident that you’ll stick with this. It’s an approach to betting that is giving me a wonderful life and I’m sure it can do the same for you.

My very best wishes,

Andrew David
Quick-fire Betting

P.S. Don’t forget you can also access your 10 betting system FREE gifts when you access the first module of the course today, risk-free.

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