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Football Golden Filters

It appears many think the more complicated the betting/trading strategy they follow the more profitable it will be in the long run. Whereas sometimes sticking to tried and tested paths and adding a few crucial tweaks and filters here and there can make all the difference between profit/loss long term.

I’ve had many questions regarding Laying the Draw at Half Time, some make it pay and pay well, and yet others operating in the same market DON’T!

I can only guess that those unable to make it pay are using bare market prices as their signal to enter the market. As such they will end up chasing their tale in trying to make this oldest of oldest Betfair blueprints pay. Using prices alone will only lead to a ‘one step forward’ and ‘two steps back pattern’. Yes you will get winning runs, but your profits will soon be eroded by the inevitable market correction over time when the series of losers make that adjustment.

Those who have been following my Lay-The-Draw spin offs in Quick-fire Betting Profits and using the ‘add on’ filters I advise are making it pay well simply because we have weighted the odds heavily in our favour from inception into the market and cannot fail to make an edge in the long run.

Below I’ve made a few videos of another angle of Laying The Draw at Half Time subject to a few ‘Golden Filters’ that must be adhered to at all times that will ensure your profits will climb steadily the longer you play. Anyway that’s enough waffle from me so let’s move onto the videos themselves and also one for the Bonus Cash-Out Repeater method.


Video 1 – Lay the Draw – Example (1)


Video 2 – Half Time Laying The Draw – Underdog Scores first (1)


Video 3 – Half Time Laying The Draw – Underdog Scores first (2)

Video 4 – Cash-Out Repeater Method – 1


Until Next Time

Andrew David

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