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All Weather Profits


Here we delve into the fast moving world of in-play betting for a ‘3’ pronged attack to make our profits. If at first we don’t succeed we will try and try again as the famous phrase says.

Lets move onto the step by step rules;

We first head over to Betfair’s ‘Exchange’ horse racing card on any day you wish to use this strategy and look for and make a note of the All Weather race cards as shown below.

2). We then click on the All Weather racecard in this case Chelmsford City and scroll through and make a note of all the Handicap races as shown below.

3). We next look to Lay all the runners pre-race for a price of 2.02 as instructed below, so long as the race does not have a favourite at 3.0 or below.

We then need to make sure that all the Lay bets go in-play.

If we get more than two selections matched in play at 2.02 then we are in profit as of course only one can win so we WIN our lay stake on the other.

Here’s an example;

One matched = -£10.20

Two matched = -£0.20

Three matched = +£9.80

Four matched = +£19.80

Five matched = +£29.80

and so on

As we have set the bar pretty high in respect of setting an in-play price of 2.02 we should on most occasion get at least two matched in-play on each qualifying race. Then any others that get matched puts us into profit but rarely does it go past getting five matched.

If only one matched then we would lose our liability which in the above example would be £10.20 and 2 matched we lose 20p.

Out of all the race types in racing I have found this works best on All Weather Handicaps and we can skim an edge when used with the staking plan advised.


  1. Race must be an All Weather Handicap race
  2. Favourite must be above 0
  3. We then Lay the field at 02 as shown above

Here’s a screenshot of a winning trade where got 4 matched:

Staking Plan…

The staking plan is fairly straight forward in that we first Lay all the selections for 1pt and if no profit, we next Lay all runners for 3pts and if no joy we finally lay all for 5pts. Returning to 1pt if no win in three attempts. We also return to stake 1pt if we make a profit at anytime during the 3 bet approach. Max loss with no win in 3 attempted races would be 6pts x 1.02 = 6.12pts.

So in monetary terms and in line with Betfairs’ in-play minimum stake for its main portal site the staking would go like this;

£2 (1pt) – £6 (3pts) – £10 (5pts)

My advice for this is to start on these stakes and then appropriate your future stakes based on your own personal risk threshold.


BET 1 = £2.00 – Lost -£2.02

BET 2 = £4.00 – Lost -£4.04

BET 3 = £8.00 – Lost -£8.08

Max Loss = £14.14


This method has a lot of ‘built in’ room for error, in that if we don’t win at the first attempt we have another two bites of the cherry.

It’s a combination of the race type, the staking plan, and the price we enter the market at in-running that’s the key to getting the edge. Yes we will have losing cycles and I would be surprised if we didn’t but sticking with the combination above will deliver for us. Keep your discipline and don’t step outside the rules that’s all that’s required.

Total Starting Bank Pool: 50 points

Portfolio Risk Rating: Medium